Step 2: Toner: The WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW of Toner in your Skincare Routine

Step 2: Toner: The WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW of Toner in your Skincare Routine

Anyone else CONFUSED by the Actual Purpose of toner? 

    I vaguely remember using Sea Breeze™, or something kind of like that as a teen, mainly because of the commercial telling me I needed it 🤣🤣🤣 And who did not want to be that SUPER happy FRESH FACED girl!?

    It took me about 40 years to even dare to care to learn about skincare. Anyone else?! But now I am just obsessed with learning all the things! 

    If you have wondered what the BIG DEAL with Toner is >>> what it is >>> when to use it >>> Why you should use it >>> and how to use it... you are in the right place FRIEND! 


    Let's GO 🚀🚀🚀

    So what is in TONER?

    Toner tends to feel like water, although there are more ingredients. 
    Some typical ingredients in toners are:

    • Witch Hazel 
    • Aloe Vera  
    • Essential Oils
    • Rose Water 
    • Green Tea 
    • Apple Cider Vinegar 

      And, of course, you have some brands that throw some chemicals in there also...


      So WHAT does TONER do and WHY should we use it?

      Toner has many benefits.

      1. Toner is used to clean off any excess dirt, oils or product that is left behind by cleansing. (If your cleanser is not taking care of all your makeup and dirt removal, etc... it may be time for a new cleanser!)

      Why is this important

      • Excess dirt, oils and product can clog pores.
      • Clogged pores can create blemishes.  
      • Blemishes are NO BUENO... #yougettheidea

      2. Toner can be used to balance pH. If you are using a harsh cleanser on your face, toner can help replace what was stripped off the skin in the cleansing process.  

      3. Nourish and hydrate skin. Hydrated skin helps skin to look younger and also protects the skin barrier from bacteria. 

      4. Calm inflammation and redness. And who does not want less bloat and discoloration?

      5. Temporarily tightens skin and pores. You can even use it randomly throughout the day for a quick refreshing mist


      WHEN should I use toner?

       In the scheme of all things skincare, toner is step 2. 

      And when you see the purpose of toner above, it just makes sense, right?.

      That being said, you can also use toner as a quick refresher through the day. A quick spritz can be refreshing especially on a warm or even DRY HEAT kind of day. 


      Keep it simple sweetie...

      Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy 🍋🍋🍋

      How should I apply toner?

      There are a couple of ways you can apply toner. It truly depends on YOUR preference. 

      One way to apply toner is to put some on a cotton ball or cotton rounds and gently swipe around your whole face. You want to continue until your cotton is clean without excess dirt or product

      Another way to apply is to spray it on. For this option, you can spray it right on your face OR spray on to the cotton ball or round. Again, just wipe gently around the face until your cotton wipes clean. 

      :::SPECIAL NOTE:::


      You can spritz your face throughout the day as needed to refresh. This is perfect for hot days, especially that DRY HEAT here in Arizona. 


      What NOW?

      If you want: TIGHTER SKIN
                            LESS REDNESS
                            To say GOODBYE to PUFFINESS
                            SMALLER PORES
                            and so much MORE...


      Friend, we got you!

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      Stay tuned for our next installment: THE STEPS OF SKINCARE Volume 3
      If you missed Step 1 catch it HERE


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