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Starter Skincare Bundle

Starter Skincare Bundle

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Not sure where to begin with Skincare?! 
Don't worry friend! WE GOT YOU!
Welcome to our Starter Skincare Bundle
We literally start you off at the BEGINNING with Cleanser. 
The 1st step in skincare. So simple... WASH YOUR FACE!
Use this AMAZING Tallow facial cleanser (YOUR CHOICE: Blue or Purple Tallow Cleanser) to EASILY remove makeup and any dirt and oil build up from the day. Splash your face with WARM (not hot) water to open your pores, apply a THIN LAYER of either cleanser. Let sit for just a few minutes if you would like, OR just wipe off with a washcloth. Splash cool water on your face to close your pores and you are DONE with Step One. 
Now pat your face dry with a clean cloth and you are ready for STEP 2. 
This step is all about MOISTURIZATION! Moisturized skin has improved texture (goodbye lizard looking skin!), improved skin elasticity (reducing redness, flakiness and ITCHINESS!) and helps skin look younger because MOISTURIZED SKIN is PLUMP SKIN. So let's get you MOISTURIZED!
This money saving bundle has you covered DAY OR NIGHT.
Before you step out for the day, apply a pea sized amount of SPF TALLOW FACE CREAM. A little bit of ANY Tallow based product goes A LONG WAY! Apply to your face and décolleté. (The décolleté refers to your neckline area from the base of your throat (below your chin) to the top of your chest and the cleavage between your breasts.) 
And there you have it... your 2 step STARTER SKINCARE ROUTINE is finished. 

REPEAT all steps above, before bed, replacing Tallow Night Cream for the SPF DAY CREAM.
YOUR GIFT for purchasing in a bundle is our healing, yet gorgeous, Tallow soap. This soap can be used to wash your entire body. While it is pretty, this soap is meant to be used, not just placed on display. $10 value, yours free! Don't forget our skin is our largest organ, we must care for every bit of our skin, not just our face.
Total Savings of this BUNDLE: $10

Sulfate & Detergent Free
Phthalate Free
Paraben Free

Got Questions?! 

Frequently Asked Questions
Blue or Purple Tallow Cleanser which should I choose? 
Great Question! Blue Tallow Cleanser can be used for ANYONE. Gentle and effective it is a great choice for teens and adults alike. IF you would like EXTRA ANTI AGING BENEFITS choose the PURPLE

There are "crystals" that I feel in my Tallow Night Cream, has it gone bad? 
No. Those little crystals are the honey. It will melt when warm. Rub the product between your fingers before applying and all will be smooth. 

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