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Tallow Stretch Mark Cream

Tallow Stretch Mark Cream

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Are you looking to get rid of those red, ANGRY looking stretch marks? 

Say hello to your NEW Stretch Mark BFF! This creamy, decadent concoction will not only make your skin look good, it is GOOD FOR YOU! No endocrine disrupting products here ladies! (Oh and gentlemen, this works for you too 😘)

Grass Fed Tallow (yes QUALITY MATTERS ladies, make sure your Tallow is GRASS FED!)
Tucuma, Mango and Cocoa Butters are on board to provide the deepest of hydration! That means NO MORE ITCH! Can I get an AMEN!? 

Then we add some SOOTHING OILS:
Avocado (promotes wound healing)
Rosehip (helps boost collagen formation) 
Sea Buckthorn (promotes firmness and softness)
Argan (anti-inflammatory)
Moringa (repairs damaged skin cells, prevents sagging! UMMM, Yes PLEASE! Can I BATHE in this?!)
Castor (reduces puffiness. You know you want to BATHE in this too! LOL!) 
Apricot Kernel (replenishes skin's moisture barrier) 
Vitamin E (minimizes the appearance of scars) 

And then we round out this GLORIOUS blend with ESSENTIAL OILS as a treat for all the senses. 
Neroli (strong antifungal, and ladies and gentlemen, it has been shown to increase sexual desire, especially in post menopausal women 😍(Just sayin'!))
Lavender (very calming to both skin and mood as well as minimizing age spots.)
Frankincense (reduces the appearance of Stretch Marks and Scars among so many other benefits!)
Copaiba (clear, smooth complexion as well as helping soothe anxious feelings! Ladies who does not feel anxious when you look at Stretch Marks?! LOL! but, seriously!

I do not know about you, but I am about to rub this ALL OVER, stretch marks or not!


Sulfate & Detergent Free

Phthalate Free

Paraben Free

All the relief you want without the gunk!


Grass-fed & finished Tallow, Tucuma, Mango & Cocoa Butters, Avocado, Rosehip, Sea Buckhorn, Argan, Moringa, Castor, Apricot Kernel & Vitamin E oils, Essential Oils: Neroli, Lavender, Frankincense and Copaiba 

2oz jar

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